Harmful Contaminants Found In Florida Drinking Water: Study

When people turn on their faucets to pour a glass of water they generally have an expectation that safety is assured. A new report released Wednesday, however, sheds light on utilities across the state of Florida that have harmful contaminants in their water that can cause cancer, developmental issues in children, complications in pregnancy and other serious health concerns.

Harmful contaminants were found in the water provided by hundreds of utilities across Florida, according to a report released by the Environmental Working Group, or EWG, an independent nonprofit organization that released a detailed account of the contaminants (see lists below).

“There are chemicals that have been linked to cancer, for example, that are found above health-based limits, or health guidelines, in the water of more than 250 million Americans,” said Nneka Leiba, director of Healthy Living Science at EWG.

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